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Our banking platform, DafriBank is first of its kind on the African continent. It will be the first registered bank in Africa with its own native Crypto tokens, DBA, This border less hybrid-bank will allow users including the banked and underbanked access to a full range of financial services at super competitive rates. As the first Crypto-friendly bank in Africa, DafriBank is set to break new grounds that will transcend traditional banking and finance business models on the continent. DafriBank will be headquartered in South Africa with offices in Nigeria and other soon to be announced regions.

Banking with DafriBank has many unrivalled benefits. We let you bank on your terms while meeting all your everyday banking needs and long term financial goals. The DafriBank platform is super intuitive and mobile-friendly with several excellent features for different classes of users. We facilitate faster payment transactions through a user-friendly portal and API. We offer the easiest way to pay your bills in a few quick taps and setup Auto-pay to have your payments made automatically every month. Our payment notifications will help you get a spotlight on your spending and see what you've spent instantly, in real-tine.

In addition to typical payment options such as debit cards and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), DafriBank platform accepts digital currencies via our unique payment gateway. All of this is carried out seamlessly.

You can also exchange currency in a convenient and secure way at competitive rates. Our mission is to maintain complete transparency while providing borderless banking services. We charge as little as possible, and always tell you upfront. There are no hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises.

What's more, it is super accessible. There are no monthly fees on any account and you can set it up in minutes. No paper work or branch visits.

DafriBank is committed to making your online banking secure and protected. We have incorporated industry-leading safety features that helps provide protection against fraudulent online banking transactions, secures your financial information while.ensuring timely processing of your payments.

As an institution that caters for the needs of the unbanked and underbanked, users can choose their preferred DafriBank account type based on their annual income ensuring everyone has solutions tailored to their specific needs. The DafriaBank Silver account for example is a personal account designed specifically for low income earners and suitable for basic transactions and services such as target savings, bill payments etc. Other personal accounts on our platform including DafriBank Gold account, DafriBank Premier account and DafriBank Private Wealth account are designed for higher income earners in need of sophisticated financial services including currency exchange and many more. No one is left out.

DafriBank business account will also provide you with rich features and services that will ensure we meet your day to day business needs with our flexible and cost-efficient solutions that will fast track your success whether you are a startup or an established enterprise.

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