As the DBA network continues its evolution, stakeholders may want to add or remove features to better serve their needs.

Much more than regular tokens, DBA token holders will also be conferred the power to influence decisions within the DBA network as determined by the volume of DBA tokens in each user's possession. Our decentralized governance system means no one single entity can unilaterally impose decisions in the DBA network. Everyone has the opportunity to help shape the future of the DBA network. Through a voting process, holders of DBA tokens will have some degree of influence over a wide range of issues including token design, management, marketing, etc.

Future use case as it applies to governance will include granting holders the ability to allocate funds from a project treasury to contractors who perform various services for the DBA network including development, research, outreach, and legal representation.

Our on-chain governance system ensures governance rules are hard-coded into the blockchain protocol. Coded changes can be proposed by anyone and token holders vote whether or not those changes should be integrated unto the protocol.

Once a proposal gets approved via an on-chain vote it is implemented in the testnet. After a specified amount of time, a final note occurs and it is implemented in the mainnet.

The benefits of our DBA network governance system are numerous. First, it presents an effective way in which users can directly influence changes within the DBA network. Second, the process by which DBA network on-chain decisions are made are extremely transparent and based on predefined consistent consensus rules. Third, any changes agreed upon through on-chain governance will be permanently implemented.

There is more.

Our on-chain governance will also ensure quicker consensus since stakeholders are aware that there is a fixed interval of time for them to signal their support or disapproval for a code-update. This is in stark contrast to informal systems, in which code updates could theoretically be debated indefinitely.