What is a DBA token?

DBA is a native token by DafriBank Limited, the new pioneer digital bank outlet headquartered in South Africa

How will DBA tokens be utilized?

Several use-cases exist for DBA and starters will include DafriBank, DafriExchange, DafriEstate, DafriWallet, DafriAir, OMAHA Hotels Ltd, and many more. But that is not all, the integrated DeFi lending protocol also creates another opportunity to make profit for DBAtoken holders.

Any example of how many DBA tokens can be acquired for a given amount during the STO?

Here’s an easy breakdown: If an investor applies to invest a total of $700 during the 7-month long STO it means the amount will be spread equally across the entire 7 months at $100 month (Calculation: $700/7). DBA tokens will be sold at different amounts every month during the STO (Month 1 - $0.01, Month 2 - $0.02, Month 3 - $0.04, Month 4 - $0.08, Month 5 - $0.16, Month 6 - $0.32, Month 7 - $0.64) and the investor is expected to commit to purchasing $100 worth of tokens every month

Can I pay in monthly instalments if I’m unable to pay for the 7 months all at once?

Yes, you can. You’ll be expected to commit to investing the same amount of money every month.

What happens if I opted for the monthly instalment payment plan but was unable to complete payment for all 7 months?

We consider this an extreme scenario since we expect all our investors to honour their commitments as indicated in the application form. However, if they’re unable to do so due to mitigating circumstances, our smart contract will prorate the investor’s allocated tokens thus: The amount already invested will be totalled and spread across 7 months based on the prevailing DBA price for each month.

Is there a chance my DBA tokens will lose value in the long run?

We crunched the numbers and can authoritatively say that the chances of that happening are very low. On the contrary, DBA is projected to rise in value over time. This is because our adopted locking and release structure will help increase the demand for DBA tokens. This demand will be sustained in the long run by DBA’s many current and future use-cases

Will prospective investors be required to undergo AML and KYC during DBA STO?


What is DBA Tokens’ competitive advantage?

DBA Tokens competitive advantage lies in the world-class team behind the project and its many use-cases many of which have begun operation

What is the minimum total amount to invest during the STO?

Every prospective investor is expected to invest a minimum of $10 to be distributed equally across the 7-month duration of the STO

How soon can I start making profits?

You can start making profits after the 13 months token lock-up period and the 3% monthly gradual token release commences. An investor can choose to trade or sell off his/her monthly token allocation for profits. Or (s)he could move it into our DeFi system and earn profit as determined by the smart contracts.