Our much-awaited DBA Security token sales will take place over the course of 7 months beginning in November 2020 and concluding in May 2020 with 10 million tokens allocated for sale each month. We have adopted a unique token sales model that ensures equal opportunity for every class of investors.

In our token sales model, each investor's funds as specified in the designated application form will be spread across the 7 months duration of the token sales. This implies that each investor is mandated to buy the same dollars-worth of DBA tokens for 7 months at the different price points. Investors can opt to pay in full for the 7 months or commit to a part payment made monthly. The price point for each month is shown below:

  • Month 1 ---- > $ 0.01 token
  • Month 2 ---- > $ 0.02 /token
  • Month 3 ---- > $ 0.04/ token
  • Month 4 ---- > $ 0.08/ token
  • Month 5 ---- > $ 0.16/ token
  • Month 6 ---- > $ 0.32/ token
  • Month 7 ---- > $ 0.64/ token

The DBA token is projected to grow in demand and value over time due to its many use cases. An investment in DBA tokens is a huge step towards financial empowerment

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