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Our upcoming STO will be facilitated by DafriExchange which is set to commence operation in the fourth quarter of 2020. Every DBA holder and prospective DBA investors are required to open an account on DafriExchange which will have DBA as its native tokens and will be used for fee payments within the DafriExchange will also be integrated into the banking processes of DafriBank. The platform will redefine how exchanges operate by attracting more traders via our various product offerings. We will expand the pool of participants by fostering greater market liquidity thereby contributing to its overall growth. DafriExchange most important features, functionalities, and selling points will include:

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    High-Speed Performance

    Our advanced architectural design will ensure transactions are processed at superior speeds to upgrade to even higher transactions per second milestones.

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    Security Measures

    DafriExchange has identified and reviewed the industry best practices in terms of security measures and designed our platform to include top-level security features to safeguard both the client’s funds and trading operations from hostile penetration attempts. Some of the key security features include Insurance of online/hot wallets, Up to 3-Factor Authentication, Multi-Firewall Protection., DDoS prevention, OWASP Top 10 Compliant, Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

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    Monitoring and Control

    Processes play a major role in delivering business values. DafriExchange will ensure the highest level uptime and availability of IT infrastructure by applying IT-industry’s best processes which include: Change Management, Problem/Incident Management, Data visualization, and performance benchmarking.

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    Fiat Deposit and Withdrawal

    Though cryptocurrencies are emerging as a means of exchange and store of value, fiat currencies still have a large share of domination as a medium of exchange. Thus, DafriExchange with extended partnerships with payment services providers will assist users in fiat deposits and withdrawals.

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    Customer Support

    DafriExchange is being built keeping the community and users at the center. Thus, we aim to offer 24hr online customer support to be at the service of our users consistently.

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    Ease of Use

    We have worked hard to develop a user-friendly web interface for our users, and tutorials on the platform will ensure seamless integration of the user with the overall framework of the exchange and its functionality.

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    To further solidify our position as industry leaders, DafriExchange will have high trading volumes with the best rates and all the most useful trading pairs for our users that will ensure the most convenient exchange services in the industry.

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    Multi Lingua

    Being global in our outlook, we aim to offer our services in several languages to enable a large set of users to get benefits out of our services thus removing the barrier of language which often hinders the integration of people on a web platform.

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